Amanda Rude

Amanda Rude brings you a groovy, deep fuse of house and garage specifically for the sophisticated bass lover’s appetite. This half-British/half-German bass freak embraces her quirky roots in UK Garage, while scratching the surface of Deutschland for her first Slowdjs podcast.

The VHS was Amanda’s first creative music medium while still in her single digits. Her insatiable thirst for the freshest music pushed her to create video mixtapes from tapping into MuchMusic at all hours. Amanda’s additional experience with woodwind instruments led a natural transition from bedroom DJ to the dance floor, allowing efficacious beat-matching from square one, with her first love in UK Garage classics. Public performances started as a teen, in Nelson, BC, distributing demos on burnt out cassette tapes. Over the years as the DJ profession has changed drastically, Amanda has successfully co-evolved with technology, striving to create more interactive experiences. Amanda’s influence on the scene wa...