The blunt god. a bass music representative of Vancouver, B.C known for always having the freshest tunes, being a don on the dance floor and setting the vibe right no matter where he is. Its near impossible to enter Vancouver’s bass scene without coming across the name Barlee. Since 2011, Neal Washburn has become one of the city’s most beloved local DJs known for his astronomically high energy levels behind the decks, taste in music and incomparable heavy bass sound. Barlee has become a solid figure within the world of Canadian West Coast bass.

Born and raised in East Vancouver, Barlee grew up submerged in the culture of West Coast hip hop. The younger brother of local Vancouver MC, Chadio, Barlee's introduction to music would begin with rap and R&B growing up. In 2006, he then discovered electronic music, gravitating towards the deeper, heavier genres of the bass music realm. by 2011, Barlee started testing out his own skills in the art of DJing, experimenting first with dubstep and trap, now dabbles with anything that he loves no matter what genre. His love for music is in its own class, if he ain't mixing it up on the decks or home on the internets diggin' hard for the most amazing tunes, he is probably working his day job as a sous chef or roaming the city supporting other homies.

In 2012, Barlee became a #FVDED resident with Blueprint Events and also was the winner of Fortune Sound Club’s monthly DJ contest that spanned over 8 months and obliterated all the competition in sight, garnering attention and giving him his official start as a performer under the moniker Barlee. He would eventually solidify his status as one of Vancouver’s most well-received local bass music selectors.

In addition to DJing, Barlee teamed up with fellow musician Myles Away, from 2013 to 2015 to co-host a night called "LIGHTS OUT", a monthly focusing on West Coast bass music at prominent Vancouver nightclubs, Shine (now M.I.A.) and The Waldorf hosting acts such as LIGHTA!, Yan Zombie, Greazus, The Librarian and even Clicks & Whistles. With being a nightlife event promoter and organizer, Barlee was provided with valuable experience in behind-the-scenes electronic music event curation.

In just over 5 years, Barlee has played over 200 + shows within the West Coast including festivals such as Bass Coast, Shambhala Music Festival, Electric Love, Hi-Society & Bushwacked. He has performed alongside international heavyweights & favourites such as EPROM, Youngsta, Alix Perez, RL Grime, Ivy Lab, Machinedrum, G Jones , Bleep Bloop, UZ, Thelem, Great Dane, & Stooki Sound to name a few. Today, Barlee remains a strong member of the local bass music community, always bringing hype and class to the dance floor wherever he may be. So, take note as he builds his rep as an energetic live performer w/ proficient mixing abilities and having exquisite taste in music that nobody else knows about or as even heard yet while having the best blunts you will ever partake in.

lets get it.