After three years of success as one-half of LOL Boys, Markus Garcia, now based out of Vancouver has begun pursuing solo work under a new moniker following the duo's hiatus. His new work represents the culmination of his experience and contribution to LOL Boys, with a strong Detroit and Chicago house influence.

The mix is a great insight into my current sets and my influences. A lot of Chicago House, especially Dance Mania  and some techno tracks. Some of it's really old and some of it's brand new. Oh and There's a lot of bass too.

ASL has started off 2014 with a record from Sleepyhead called "Untitled"

It's an updated take on NY House. Lot's of swung drums and catchy vocals.

Our next release is from me. It's a four track Ep called "Hopeless Romantic".

Following up that is Prison Guard "Forts" Ep which we will be releasing a limited edition 12"

Melodic bass driven hardware house.

Then we have DJ Sharda. A baseline focus'd side project from Murlo.
Also in the works is...