Tiger Fresh

Tiger Fresh is a portland/Bay area based dj/producer/graphic designer/artist/illustrator/painter/swashbuckling psycidelic maverick who likes long walks on the beach. Behind the decks expect the blending/creating/live looping of forward thinking, bass centric, hood savvy, culturally eclectic dance music. His sounds are rooted in hiphop, from bumping run dmc in his parents car to beatboxing/free styling at middle school lunch breaks and beyond. Co-founding recently as a platform for underground forward thinking music, Tiger Fresh is helping get all of the creative talent of the west coast to the forefront. Also, sharing duties as the other half of the music duo HoodPrisms which just had their first release on the Street Ritual record label and currently working on a ep to be released this fall on MalLabel music. He is constantly grinding, if its not music its on the other myriad forms of radical creative self expression with the hopes of keeping family and community...