Smiling. DJing. Dancing. Promoting. Engineering. Producing. Its easy to say that U-Tee has had a busy year, but that would be an understatement. Working out of the Warehouse Recording Studio, U-Tee has kept himself busy working for the best musicians and producers in North America. If that is not enough, it seems that he lives a double life, at night you can find him immersed in Vancouvers underground. Keeping it deep and groovy, he draws inspiration from techno, which was his first love upon adopting electronic music in 2008. Next came house music. After inheriting a large record collection, he worked into the finer details and found that he gravitated more towards house classics than anything else. Over the following years he began combining elements of techno, house, garage, and bass music, trying to keep it fun and interesting for both him and the crowd. Its not hard to find that whether hes playing on stage or dancing in the crowd, he is always lost in the music.

What spark...