JGirl & Manousos

Jenn is part anglo, part Quebecois, part hippy at heart and she secretly dreamed of being a Cirque Du Soleil acrobat growing up in the suburbs of Montreal. Manousos' interest in Punk and Electronic Dance Music began while living in Greece during his late teen years where he DJed at sunny poolside patios in the tourist district of Athens. They met in Montreal while studying in uni. A decade of late night dancing provided the foundation for their love for House, Jazz, funk, smiles, dancing, mirrors balls, and heavy bass.

Projects include Footwerk Events ( which keeps the Kelowna BC nightclub scene fresh with intimate events at Sapphire Lounge and large scale productions at Sapphire & Heights nightclubs. FW has played host to many world renowned acts and Canadian favourites in the past four years including a full spectrum of underground sights & sounds.

Residencies include Shambhala Music Festival's Fractal Forest stage during Sunday morning sun rise (shambhalamusic...