Sergio Levels

Sergio Levels (aka Mr Geography / Sandro P.) is a Calgary based artist channeling energy into several creative endeavors. He contributes inspired work to Calgary’s electronic music community, producing, DJing, designing, promoting and teaching electronic music production.

Sergio Levels got his start in dance music jamming with Dan Solo at Giant 45, a record shop and popular hangout spot for audiophiles in Calgary. The two collaborated under the moniker Piranha Piranha, producing music and initiating the forward thinking brand, which spawned the weekly parties Modern Math and Northern Lights.

Sandro’s striking esoteric design work punctuates his event concepts. He created an original symbol-based alphabet, which he uses to promote special events, including an ongoing installation/party called Shapes.

Sandro continues to host Northern Lights (as Mr Geography) at Calgary’s premier dance spot, the Hifi Cl...