Griffin aka BOGL, is a self-taught DJ and music enthusiast originally from Las Vegas, NV. His mystery carries deeper than the hood of his sweater; you never quite know when he will be showcasing all new exclusive music from his friends abroad at some unique Dubstep, Hip Hop, or House music party exposing your ears to the freshest sounds you've yet to hear. Bogl rolls with a posse he named Soundpieces bringing in the latest and greatest artists to San Francisco for years. The charisma he carries is like that of a friendly ghost; yet his style is so mind-boggling, he basically exists as an untouchable phenomenon. He’s become known for appearing out of what might seem to be thin air, playing a cocktail of low frequency sounds that will take you to an unfathomable dimension, and then vanishing to a far off place. It makes you wonder, is it even possible Bogl really exists?