Yan Zombie

Yan Zombie ------------Nelson BC ( Daly City , East Van Digital, Home Breaking)

Yan Zombie, member of the "REALLY GOOD" family and main producer for future-rap crew Cyphanex; is a musical enigma and modern day renaissance man whose audio influences and explorations cross many styles and genres of global bass music. Everything from quick-mix funk, soul to trap beat, hyphy , to the baddest dub and glitch to futuristic badman dancehall, grime and bashment; sometimes in the same song. his live pa/ableton electronic shows consist of original cutting edge crunk production, combined on the fly mashups and micro mixing with bizarre psychedelic interludes and gangsta aesthetic.. you are as likely to hear parts of a song from the 1930's as something mixed and mastered yesterday.

A performer Shambhala Electronic Music Festival with various acts a total of 10 times in 2011 Yan curated and mixed the first official Shambhala podcast for CBC RADIO ELECTRONIC