The trajectory of modern electronic music has been a fascinating study in genre splintering and divergent tastes. In a few short years, we've heard the invasion of cutting-edge low-end sound design into all electronic genres, for better or for worse. In the best cases, such as Vancouver's very own HxdB, the technology serves the music, allowing a prolific, visionary producer to realize a unique, deep, and eminently danceable style. His memorable DJ sets are replete with his own music; a delicious middle ground between broken-beat / worldbeat-influenced drum programming, future-house production techniques, and techno sensibilities. Expect a delicate balance of musical elements and percussive madness, and keep an eye out for his releases on Sounds of Sumo, Palms Out, Hot N Heavy, Tectonic, and future offerings coming soon on, B.YRSLF, ...