Wax Romeo

Wax Romeo is undoubtedly the world’s greatest lover, but when he’s done blowing kisses at the mirror, he can be found whipping out evvy choons in the studio, or playing his Friday night residency at Calgary’s Hifi Club.

His father, a well-dressed thief known for carrying a cache of weapons inside a steel drum, taught Romeo about marauding and defrauding at a very early age. Since then, he’s fleeced more fools than The North Face, stealing whatever he can, including the Golden Titty, which belonged to the dangerous Jamaican “Blouse an’ Skirt Posse”.

Having collected funk and disco records since he was just a yute, it wasn’t long till he figured out just how small bits of those records fit nicely on the 16 pads of his MPC 2000xl; and subsequently, how to rearrange those bits of records onto new records of their own.

Then came DJing. Flash forward a few years, and this dummy’s played with all kinds of people, all over North America, including the Shambhala Music Festival (Cana...