Same Demoe

It’s not the destination so much as the journey, and with that in mind Vancouver’s SAM DEMOE has truly taken music’s scenic route. From checking mics and cutting it up on Vancouver Island as a young hiphop
enthusiast to DJ’n alongside some of Electronic Dance Music’s most colourful characters, Sam has kept one mantra in tact: Keep them dancing.

Sam’s DJ sets are constantly evolving; expect only the freshest sounds that make you want to get low, yell at the sky, and stomp your feet. Never comfortable with being labelled, Sam can skate over most sonic landscapes and likes to play with the listeners imagination. Sam’s mixture of the tribal patterns of Moombahton, the electronic chaos of Techno, and the low end of emerging house derivatives creates an interesting harmony. Tempos don’t matter, genres don’t matter, the music speaks for itself.

In the last few years Sam has has the pleasure to share the stage with the likes of: Nadastrom, Dillon Francis, Ghislain Poirer, Daedalos, N...