Bevvy Swift

Hip-hop and electronic music have long been on a re-collision course since they went their separate ways after the late 80′s hip-house craze and Bevvy Swift has been charting that shit the whole way. Whether he’s making glitch-hop, wonky, purple, future, or (insert other disposable buzzword here)… Bevvy has always made music that reflects both the dance-ability of new electronic music and the soul of hip-hop.

2012 will see Bevan release his first full-length album, entitled “Monochrome”, on San Francisco’s Muti Music, with lots of other stuff in the works.

Vol. 007 if The Slowcast features new material from an all-star cast of Canadian and West Coast beatmakers, as well as some of Bevvy’s favorite dancefloor shakers. 1 take session: no edits, no tweaks, all goods.