Vinnie The Squid

SlowDJ's is a collective group of like-minded individuals who believe that all great music should be showcased to the world. Over the past 15 years SlowDJ's have solidified a multi faceted platform for showcasing amazing artist from around the globe.

Although the team has become smaller over the past years, the platform to which they stand still continues to grow.  Live shows are still a must, but today's main objective is their mix tape game.

They have created not one, not two, but three exclusive series that have placed SlowDJ's at the forefront of Canadian crews delivering exclusive mix tapes.


Within their crew now stands only 2.

DJ Vinnie the Squid - the founder and captain at the helm. Mishap - the sole remaining emcee and co-captain of the crew.

These two together have taken mix tapes to a higher level of excellence.

Vinnie the Squids charters the waters of their long standing electronic series entitled the "Slowcast".  Mishap scours the globe in search of the illest DJ's to showcase in their Hip Hop series they call the "Hip-hop Corner".